Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Scenes from the Passion of Christ

Scenes from the Passion of Christ
Hans Memling ca. 1430 – 1494
oil on panel (57 × 92 cm) — 1470-71

Museum Galleria Sabauda, Turin
Memling combined all passages from the Passion into one painting, adding the Resurrection and three appearances, creating a total of 23 scenes on one small panel. The praying figures in the lower corners are probably Tommaso Portinari, a Florentine banker in Bruges who commissioned the painting, and his wife.

The story of Jesus' last hours begins far left in the corner with his entry into Jerusalem, then winds its way through town into the Garden of Gethsemane, bottom left, to continue in the middle, where we see Jesus brought before Pilate and the Scourging, only to leave town and to end with the Crucifixion on the Mount behind the city. After Christ's death and resurrection he appears a number of times.
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