Sunday, June 18, 2017

Anna welcomes Tobias and Sara (c. 1705-1710)

Anna welcomes Tobias and Sara (c. 1705-1710)
Arent de Gelder 1645 – 1727
oil on canvas (88 × 112 cm) — c. 1705-1710
Tobit 11:9 - Then Anna ran forth, and fell upon the neck of her son, and said unto him, Seeing I have seen thee, my son, from henceforth I am content to die. And they wept both.
This painting probably shows how Tobias is greeted by his mother Anna upon returning home with his new wife, Sara. In the background is his father, the blind Tobit. He and his wife were very worried about their son.

A different explanation is that this is the moment that Sara's mother Edna entrusts her daughter to Tobias (Tobit 10:12).

Very modest work by De Gelder.
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