Friday, June 16, 2017

John the Baptist

The Preaching of St. John (1566) St John the Baptist (1604)

St John the Baptist and Herod Antipas (c. 1640) John the Baptist in the Wilderness (c. 1490)

The Preaching of the Baptist (1486-1490) John the Baptist (1510-1515)

The Appearance of Christ before the People (1837-1857) John the Baptist (ca. 1513/16)

St John in the Wilderness (1510-1515) The Holy Family (c. 1506)

John the Baptist (ca. 1542) John the Baptist (ca. 1450)

John the Baptist

John the Baptist, prophet and elder cousin of Jesus. He was a son of Elisabeth and Zacharias.

John the Baptist, also known as John the Baptizer, was a Jewish itinerant preacher in the early first century AD. John is revered as a major religious figure in Christianity, Islam, the Bahá'í Faith, and Mandaeism. He is called a prophet by all of these traditions, and is honoured as a saint in many Christian traditions.

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