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David's Dying Charge to Solomon (1643) The Queen of Sheba in Jerusalem (1657) The Idolatry of King Solomon (c. 1640)

The Queen of Sheba before King Solomon (c. 1630) King Solomon (1308-11) Solomon's Judgment (1500-1501)

Solomon Receives the Queen of Sheba (ca. 1535) Judgement of Solomon (1509-1511) The Judgement of Solomon (c. 1617)

The Judgment of Solomon (1726 - 1729) Landscape with Bathsheba (c. 1545)


Solomon was king of Israel and Judah from 965 to 926 b.C. He was a son of king David and Bathsheba. At the expense of his older half-brother Adonijah, Solomon and his mother made David name him as his successor.

He is mostly known for his legendary wisdom. His decision in a dispute between two women about a child is widely known.

During his reign the temple of Jerusalem was built. Solomon married several women from other nations, and permitted them to worship their own gods. He even let them build their own temples. For this he was criticized by pious Jews.

After his death the kingdom was split in two, a northern and a southern part.

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