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Stephen Accuses the High Council (c. 1562)

Stephen Accuses the High Council (c. 1562)
Juan de Juanes 1523 – 1579
oil on panel (160 × 123 cm) — c. 1562
Acts 7:53 - Who have received the law by the disposition of angels, and have not kept it.
Stephen appears before the High Council after being accused of blasphemy. He gives a speech which ends with an accusation: the High Court does not uphold the Law of Moses.

The Council members react furiously. Stephen is strengthened by a vision of Christ in heaven.

Part of a series on the martyrdom of St. Stephen that Juan de Juanes made for the church of San Esteban (=Stephen) in Valencia.
  • The ordination of Stephen
  • Stephen in the synagogue
  • Stephen accuses the High Council
  • Stephen is expelled from the city
  • The stoning of Stephen
  • The burial of Stephen
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