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The Burial of Stephen (c. 1562)

The Burial of Stephen (c. 1562)
Juan de Juanes 1523 – 1579
oil on panel (160 × 123 cm) — c. 1562
Acts 8:2 - And devout men carried Stephen to his burial, and made great lamentation over him.
Stephen had been killed by an angry mob. Here he is put in a grave by a group of pious men. In the background other men grieve.

Some see similarity in the composition of this panel with Raphael's Deposition. It is known that Juan de Juanes was inspired by the Italian master.

Part of a series of six on the martyrdom of St. Stephen that Juan de Juanes made for the church of San Esteban (=Stephen) in Valencia.
  • The ordination of Stephen
  • Stephen in the synagogue
  • Stephen accuses the High Council
  • Stephen is expelled from the city
  • The stoning of Stephen
  • The burial of Stephen
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