Sunday, June 18, 2017

Tornabuoni Chapel

Baptism of Jesus (1486-1490) Herod's Banquet (1486-1490)

Massacre of the Innocents (1486-90) The Angel appears to Zacharias (1486-1490)

The Birth of John the Baptist (1486-1490) The Preaching of the Baptist (1486-1490)

The Visitation (1486-1490) Zacharias writes John's name (1486-1490)

Tornabuoni Chapel

A chapel in the church of Santa Maria Novella in Florence. Actually it is the choir of the church. Domenico Ghirlandaio and members of his workshop decorated the chapel between 1486 and 1490. Ghirlandaio was commissioned by Giovanni Tornabuoni, a rich and powerful member of the city's elite.

On the vault (the ceiling) of the chapel the four Evangelists were depicted. The right wall was dedicated to the life of St John the Baptist, and the left wall shows scenes from the life of Mary. Ghirlandaio also designed the rear wall. The panels on that wall have been dispersed over several collections, but the stained glass windows are still present.

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