Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Dorcas 1
In the seaside town of Joppa, Dorcas was always busy sewing coats to give to poor widows and their children.
Dorcas 2
She loved to take care of them, the way Jesus had done, showing God’s love by being kind and helpful.
Dorcas 3
When Dorcas got sick and died, her friends remembered how much she had helped others and had believed in God’s son Jesus.

Dorcas 4
Jesus’s disciple and helper, Peter, had healed a sick man in the next town. Her friends went and asked Peter to come quickly and heal Dorcas too.
Dorcas 5
Peter went to Joppa and prayed for Dorcas, as Jesus had shown him. ‘Father God you alone have power to bring Dorcas back to life.’

Dorcas 6
As Peter prayed, Dorcas opened her eyes and sat up. Peter thanked God for answering his prayer.
Dorcas 7
Everyone was happy to see Dorcas alive and well. It was a miracle and many began to follow Jesus and to help poor people.

When kind Dorcas dies, Peter prays to God for help.
Acts 9:36-43

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