Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Elisha and the kind woman - part 1

Bible 1
Elisha was a prophet of God who walked from one place to another teaching and preaching as he went.
Bible 2
One day, as he was walking along a road, an elderly and wealthy woman saw him and called out, ‘Are you hungry?’‘Yes,’ Elisha replied.
‘Then come to our house for a meal.’
Bible 3
The woman and her husband invited Elisha into their house and gave him a meal. ‘Thank you,’ said Elisha, ‘That was delicious!’

Bible 4
The woman spoke to her husband. ‘This man is a holy man of God. He travels all the time and passes by our house quite often. ‘Yes,’ replied her husband, ‘What are you thinking?’
Bible 5
‘Well,’ said the woman. ‘I think we should build an extra room on to our house with a bed, a table, stool and candle, so when Elisha is passing by he can stay and rest in his own room.‘Good idea,’ her husband agreed.
Bible 6
So that is what the couple did for Elisha. An extra room was built and furnished. Every time Elisha passed by on his travels he could relax in his own room and sleep for the night.

Bible 7
Elisha had a servant called Gehazi and called him. ‘Gehazi, I want you to ask this kind woman if there is anything I can do for her? Gehazi went off to question the woman.
Bible 8
‘Elisha wants to know if there is anything he can do to help you,’ Gehazi said.‘Well that is very nice of him,’ the woman replied, ‘But I am happy with everything I have.’
Bible 9
Gehazi returned to Elisha and reported. ‘She thanks you very much but says there is nothing she needs.’ Then Gehazi continued, ‘They don’t have children. I think she would love to have a child of her own.’
‘Please tell her to come to me,’ said Elisha.

Bible 10
Off went Gehazi again to get the kind woman. By the time he had returned God had told Elisha what to say. ‘In about one year from now,’ Elisha announced, ‘You will have a baby.’
Bible 11
The elderly woman could not believe her ears. She was old and too old to have a baby. ‘I’ll have what?’ she exclaimed.
Bible 12
Elisha smiled as he looked at her. He knew nothing was too hard for the God he loved and served.

Bible 13
Sure enough, about a year later the woman gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.
Bible 14
The child brought such happiness to the woman and her husband. All their lives they had wanted a child of their own and knew God had blessed them with a son. It was a miracle. Nothing is too hard for God.

Elisha and the kind woman - part 1
When a woman and her husband offer Elisha hospitality they miraculously have a son.
2 Kings 4:8-17

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