Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Esther - a very brave queen

Bible 1
Long ago, in the land of Persia, lived a young queen called Esther. She was beautiful and wise, but she was also a Jew.
Bible 2
Her husband, the king, was very rich and powerful. Whatever he said, that was the law.
Bible 3
Some people in the kingdom of Persia wanted to kill Jews. One of these people was a man called Haman.

Bible 4
Haman thought up a clever plan. He would trick the king into making a law commanding that all Jews must die.
Bible 5
But when Queen Esther found out about the evil plan she asked all the Jews to pray. Then she invited Haman to a special meal. He didn’t know that Esther was a Jew.
Bible 6
At the special meal, Queen Esther told her husband the king, about Haman’s plan. The king was very angry.

Bible 7
‘If you kill the Jews,’ said the king, ‘then you will have killed my wife!’ Haman was scared.
Bible 8
The king ordered that Haman be killed. Now the Jews were safe and Queen Esther was safe too.

Esther - a very brave queen
Queen Esther and the Jews pray for deliverance.

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