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King Asa fails to trust God and faces conflict

King Asa fails 1
King Asa had ruled the Kingdom of Judah for 35 years. In the 15th year of his reign the vast Cushite army had attacked Judah but Asa had trusted God for victory. The nation had promised to obey God with all their hearts and had enjoyed 20 years of peace
King Asa fails 3
In the 36th year of King Asa’s reigh, King Baasha gathered his army and moved south to the border of Judah. Baasha had made an alliance with the King of Aram and gathered a powerful force to threaten King Asa.
King Asa fails 5
Baasha’s army took the city and fortified it. They now controlled the border so no-one could go in and out of Judah.

King Asa fails 7
Earlier in his reign Asa had given silver and gold to the temple treasury. He now gave orders for the Temple treasury to be raided, and gold and silver to be gathered and sent to King Ben-Haddad of Aram as a bribe.
King Asa fails 8
The Temple treasure arrived in Damascus with a message from King Asa, ‘Let there be a treaty between Judah and Aram as there was between my father and your father. I am sending you silver and gold. Now break your treaty with King Baasha of Israel so he will have to withdraw.’
King Asa fails 9
Ben-Hadad took the gold and silver belonging to God and agreed a treaty. He immediately gathered his army to attack Israel.

King Asa fails 11
God was not pleased that Asa had robbed the Temple treasury. He sent the prophet Hanani to declare, ‘As you relied on the King of Aram and not on the Lord God, the army of Aram has escaped from your control. God gave you victory over the mighty Cushite army when you trusted Him and He always strengthens those who are fully committed to Him. You have done a foolish thing and from now on you will be at war.’
King Asa fails 12
King Asa was so enraged with God’s message that he put the prophet Hanani in prison. He became arrogant and brutally oppressed some of the people he ruled over.

King Asa fails 13
Three years later King Asa was afflicted with a severe disease in his feet. He turned to doctors to heal him but they could not. He refused to ask God for help. He died two years later.
King Asa fails 14
King Asa was buried in a tomb and a huge fire was lit in his honour. When King Asa sought God’s help he enjoyed victory and peace but when he tried to solve problems without God’s help he faced greater difficulties.

King Asa fails to trust God and faces conflict
King Asa tries to buy support instead of trusting God.
1 Kings 15:16-24, 2 Chronicles 16:1-13

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