Tuesday, July 18, 2017

King Saul's last days

King Saul 1
Samuel the prophet died in his old age and was buried in his home town of Ramah. Some time afterwards, the Philistines again made war on Israel.
King Saul 3
King Saul and his army went out to defend their country. They camped on Mount Gilboa but when Saul saw the Philistine army, he was afraid.
King Saul 4
Saul tried to find out what the Lord wanted him to do but the Lord gave no answer. So Saul foolishly decided to do something that God had strictly forbidden - visit a medium (a person who claims to be able to speak to the spirits of the dead).

King Saul 5
Now King Saul has already outlawed all mediums from the land of Israel. But his servant knew that there was a woman living in Endor who was a medium.
King Saul 7
Saul said to her, ‘Speak to the spirits and call up the one I tell you.’ But the woman, a witch, was suspicious, fearing it was a trap. ‘Surely you know that the King has forbidden anyone to do that,’ she said.
King Saul 8
Saul promised her she would be safe. Then he asked her to call back the spirit of the prophet Samuel. When Saul heard Samuel’s voice he said, ‘I am in great trouble, Samuel. Tell me what I must do.’

King Saul 9
Samuel replied, ‘As you have disobeyed The Lord, He is giving your kingdom to David. The Philistines will defeat you and tomorrow you and your sons will be with me.’ Saul was terrified.
King Saul 10
Just as Samuel said, the Philistines defeated the Israelites the next day. Many Israelites were killed and the rest fled. The enemy captured Saul’s sons, including Jonathan, and killed them.
King Saul 11
Saul was badly wounded by an arrow. Not wanting to be captured, he asked his amour bearer to kill him. But the amour bearer refused. So Saul killed himself by falling on his own sword.

King Saul 12
The next day the Philistines found the bodies of Saul and his sons. They cut off Saul’s head then nailed his body and the bodies of his sons to the wall of the city of Beth-shan.
King Saul 14
They buried King Saul and his sons near a great tree in Jabesh.
King Saul 15
After David mourned for Saul and Jonathan he moved to Hebron. The people of Judah came to him there and anointed him as their king. Later he was anointed as king over all the tribes of Israel.

King Saul's last days
Saul disobeys God and foolishly consults a witch before his final battle.
1 Samuel 28:31, 2 Samuel 1:1-2:7

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