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Moses and the Plagues - part 2

Bible 1
Exodus 10 God had already sent seven plagues on the Egyptians. Moses had another warning for Pharaoh. ‘If you refuse to let the God’s people go He will bring a plague of locusts on the land - something your parents and ancestors have never seen.’ Pharaoh’s officials advised him to let God’s people go.
Bible 2
But when Pharaoh found out that all the Hebrew slaves would be leaving he only gave permission for the men to go and worship God. Then he ordered Moses and Aaron to get out of his presence.
Bible 4
‘I have sinned against God,’ Pharaoh told Moses. ‘Forgive me once more and pray to God to take this deadly plague away.’

Bible 5
When Moses left Pharaoh and prayed, the wind changed direction and blew from the west, carrying the locusts into the Red Sea.
Bible 6
Pharaoh became stubborn again, broke his promise and refused to let God’s people go and worship Him.
Bible 7
Moses stretched out his hands and total darkness came over the land for three days. Only in Goshen where the Hebrew slaves lived was there light.

Bible 8
The Egyptians could not see anyone else or move about.
Bible 9
Pharaoh summoned Moses. ‘Go and worship God. Take your women and children as well but you must leave your animals behind.’ ‘Our animals must travel with us,’ insisted Moses. ‘Some are needed to offer sacrifices to God.’
Bible 10
‘Get out of my sight,’ ordered Pharaoh. ‘Don’t ever appear before me again. If you do, you will die.’

Bible 11
‘Just as you say,’ replied Moses. ‘I won’t appear before you again. But God has one more plague to send. About midnight the firstborn son of every family and animal will die and there will be weeping and wailing everywhere - except among God’s people.’ Exodus 11.
Bible 12
Moses was red with anger. ‘Then your officials will come and bow before me and tell us to leave. After that I shall leave.’ Moses then turned and walked out of the palace.
Bible 13
The Lord then told Moses to tell His people that on the 10th day of the month every man who was head of a family was to sacrifice a lamb. Those who couldn’t afford a lamb should join with a family that had one. The lambs must be one year old males without defect.

Bible 14
God’s people obeyed and each family sacrificed a lamb. God then told them to put some of the blood of the slain lamb into a basin. Then, using a bunch of hyssop dipped in the blood, they should smear the top and sides of the door frame of the house where they were going to eat the meat.
Bible 15
God explained that that night He was going to pass through the land to bring judgement. But if He saw blood on the doorposts of a house He would pass over and those inside would be spared. So the Hebrews did as God instructed.
Bible 16
That evening, God’s people got dressed ready to leave Egypt and sat down for a meal they would later call the Passover (for God would pass over them).

Bible 17
Moses explained that the Passover meal was to be celebrated every year. And when children asked what it meant they were to explain its meaning and tell how God had spared those homes covered by the blood of the lamb and set His people free.
Bible 18
At midnight the Lord passed over the land and the firstborn son of Pharaoh and every Egyptian family was found dead. The first born of every animal was slain too.
Bible 19
There was weeping and wailing in very house except those houses with blood on the doorposts.

Bible 20
That night, Pharaoh summoned Moses and Aaron and said, ‘Up. Leave my people and go and worship the Lord God. Take your families and animals with you. Please bless me.’
Bible 21
God’s people packed their belongings. The Egyptians, afraid that they might all die, gave them gifts of silver and gold. ‘Hurry and leave,’ they urged.
Bible 22
God’s people rushed off so quickly they did not have time to add yeast to the dough they had made for bread. They had been slaves for 430 years and now they were free. Just as God had promised.

Moses and the Plagues - part 2
Moses and the final three plagues God sent on Egypt.
Exodus 10 - 12

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