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Moses and the Red Sea

Bible 1
Years ago in the land of Egypt, fantastic monuments were built by the Kings, know as Pharaohs, using the labour of thousands of slaves. These slaves were God's chosen people, the children of Israel.
Bible 2
The Egyptians were cruel to their slaves. They beat them to make them work harder. The Israelites prayed that God would deliver them from this hard life and God, hearing their prayers, prepared to take them out of the land of Egypt into the land of Canaan.
Bible 3
First of all, God chose a leader for His people, a man by the name of Moses. Moses was a man who the Lord could trust and who trusted in the Lord.

Bible 4
Moses was to be used by God to deliver His people from the power of Pharaoh, the King of Egypt.
Bible 5
Moses appeared before the King and boldly began telling him what God had planned for the children of Israel. God wanted Pharaoh to let His people go. At first the King was scornful of Moses. God? Who was God to tell him what to do? After all, he was the Great Pharaoh of Egypt.
Bible 6
Moses warned Pharaoh that unless the children of Israel were set free, God would send great plagues upon the land of Egypt but Pharaoh refused to listen. On one occasion the Lord turned all the water in the land to blood. The air was filled with the stench of dead fish and there was no water to drink anywhere. But Pharaoh refused to let the people go.

Bible 7
Another time God caused the land of Egypt to be overrun with frogs. Frogs in the streets,frogs in the houses, frogs in their beds, frogs everywhere. But Pharaoh's heart was as hard as before.
Bible 8
On another occasion, flies were sent by the millions to torment the Egyptians and still the King would not give up. But God continued to deal with Pharaoh to let His people go.
Bible 9
Finally the King had had enough; he called for Moses and told him to take the children of Israel and get out of Egypt and stay out.

Bible 10
That was a happy day for the children of Israel. They were free at last. God had heard their prayers.
Bible 11
For 430 years, these people, and their parents before them, had been held in bondage in the land of Egypt. Now they gathered up their belongings and were ready to go.
Bible 12
Soon they were following Moses out into the desert. A hot, hard journey was ahead but the people were happy. They were heading for a new life and the land of plenty.

Bible 13
What a sight they were, a whole nation of people, hundreds of thousands of them with their cattle and all their belongings strung out across the desert.
Bible 14
One day, something happened that caused a murmur of fear to run down the column of people. They pointed and they whispered. What had they seen?
Bible 15
A huge cloud had appeared before them and such a cloud they had never seen before. The people stood still in wonder.

Bible 16
Then Moses said to the people don't be afraid, the Lord God himself is appearing as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. We know that the Lord is with us and is leading the way.
Bible 18
The Lord knew that if His people had to go into battle they'd become discouraged and want to return to Egypt. So one day, God spoke to Moses and told him to change his direction of travel.
Bible 20
Moses may not have understood why, but he trusted in the Lord and gave the order to turn towards the Red Sea. The people did not understand either but they did what their leader told them to do.

Bible 21
Pharaoh had spies watching and of course they were ready to report every move the children of Israel made.
Bible 22
When the spies told Pharaoh that the Israelites were changing their direction of travel, the King got out his maps and began to study the situation.
Bible 23
Pharaoh was already sorry that he had freed all those slaves that had served him so long and now they were walking right into a trap.

Bible 25
That's what he decided to do and the armies of Egypt moved out across the desert and travelled as fast as they could.
Bible 26
The Egyptians raised up quite a dust and when the Israelites saw the dust clouds far in the distance they knew right away what that meant. The Egyptians were coming after them.
Bible 27
The people of Israel were afraid and they were angry with Moses for having brought them out into the Wilderness. They forgot that God was with them.

Bible 28
The children of Israel cried out to Moses that they would rather have stayed in Egypt as slaves than to be slain out here in the desert by the Egyptian army.
Bible 29
But Moses wasn't upset. He was perfectly calm and he said, 'Fear not, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.’
Bible 30
Then something strange happened. Pharaoh's soldiers saw it too. They saw a great dark cloud moving in between their camp and the camp of Israel.

Bible 32
But on the other side of the cloud it was different. To the children of Israel, it was a pillar of fire.
Bible 33
They could see everything clearly and the light showed they were trapped, hemmed in by mountains and the Red Sea. Any minute the Egyptians would come riding down on them and there was no place to go. Why had God allowed this terrible thing to happen to them?
Bible 34
As the people watched, Moses their leader walked right up to the edge of the Red Sea. Then Moses did something that God had told him to do. He lifted up his rod and a strong wind began to blow.

Bible 35
And the waters began to part.
Bible 36
Before long, the wind had cleared a path, right through the middle of the sea. And though the children of Israel were frightened, they followed their leader in between those huge walls of water.
Bible 37
All night long, the children of Israel marched through the sea on the path that the Lord had made for them. Finally the last person arrived safely on the other side.

Bible 38
Pharaoh was told that somehow the Israelites were getting away; he shouted the orders to pursue them at once.
Bible 39
In no time at all, the entire Egyptian army was in pursuit and they followed the Israelites right into the passage prepared in the Red Sea.
Bible 40
Just about then, the Lord caused all sorts of things to happen: the wheels came off the chariots, there was confusion and panic in the ranks of the Egyptian armies.

Bible 41
Pharaoh's soldiers were terrified. ‘The Lord is fighting against us,’ they said. ‘Let's turn back before it is too late.’
Bible 42
But it was already too late. God told Moses to stretch out his rod again over the sea.
Bible 43
And the chariots, the horseman and all the host of Pharaoh were covered. Not one of them escaped.

Bible 44
So it was that all of Pharaoh's armies, because they willfully acted against the will of God, were destroyed in the midst of the Red Sea.
Bible 45
But Moses and the people sang a song of praise and gave thanks to God for the miraculous way He had delivered them from their enemies. The story of the Red Sea doesn't belong just to the past. It has a message for today. The Bible tells us that it took the power of God to deliver Israel from slavery and it takes the power of God today, to delivery people from sin. 1 John 5:4-5

Moses and the Red Sea
God opens a path through the Red Sea for Moses and His People to escape from the Egyptians.
Exodus 5 - 14

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