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Ten minute guide to the Old Testament: Part 2

King Solomon 1
790 years before Christ, war broke out between Judah and Israel.
King Solomon 2
It was around this time that God called Jonah to prophesy against Nineveh, you may recall the story.
King Solomon 4
During the period 750 to 700 B.C. Amos …

King Solomon 5
Hosea …
King Solomon 6
Isaiah …
King Solomon 7
and Micah began to prophesy, against Israel’s disobedience …

King Solomon 8
the coming destruction of Jerusalem …
King Solomon 9
and the coming of the Messiah.
King Solomon 10
In the year 640 BC the people made eight-year-old Josiah their king.

King Solomon 11
Josiah got rid of all of the idols …
King Solomon 12
refurbished Solomon’s temple …
King Solomon 13
reintroduced the law and turned the hearts of the people back to the Lord.

King Solomon 14
Josiah reigned until 609 BC.
King Solomon 15
During Josiah’s reign, Zephaniah prophesied the total destruction of Jerusalem …
King Solomon 16
and the dispersion of its inhabitants.

King Solomon 17
Joel’s prophecy also fits into the storyline here …
King Solomon 18
prior to the 70 year Babylonian captivity. – Slide 18
King Solomon 19
In 628 B.C. Jeremiah began to prophesy.

King Solomon 20
In Chapter 25 of his book he prophesied that a 70 year captivity was about to take place.
King Solomon 21
Nahum also prophesied about the destruction of Nineveh.
King Solomon 22
Two years after Josiah’s reign as king …

King Solomon 23
in 607 Habakkuk began to prophesy …
King Solomon 24
about the destruction of Jerusalem.
King Solomon 25
Twenty three years after Josiah’s reign, Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, besieged Jerusalem.

King Solomon 26
On August the 14,th 586 years before Christ, the total destruction of Jerusalem and the temple began, as prophesied by the prophets.
King Solomon 27
The children of Israel either escaped, were killed, or taken to Babylon to be slaves.
King Solomon 28
Jeremiah wrote 5 poems about Jerusalem’s destruction in a book called Lamentations.

King Solomon 29
Ezekiel was taken to Babylon as a slave where he wrote his book.
King Solomon 30
The main message of Ezekiel’s book was that dispersed Israel …
King Solomon 33
Daniel was also taken as a slave and the book we know as Daniel, was actually his journal.

King Solomon 34
Scholars also believe that Obadiah’s prophecy was written about this time.
King Solomon 35
Eventually, Nebuchadnezzar died and his son Belshazzar was appointed king.
King Solomon 36
You may recall the incident in Daniel, when the hand wrote on the wall …

King Solomon 37
MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN. That was in 539 B.C.
King Solomon 38
Belshazzar was killed that same night, when Babylon was captured by the Persians …
King Solomon 39
and Darius was made king.

King Solomon 40
This is when Daniel was made president.
King Solomon 41
At the end of the 70 year captivity, God spoke to Cyrus the then king of Persia, ‘to set the children of Israel free’.
King Solomon 42
The historical records show that a remnant of 43,360 Jews left captivity …

King Solomon 43
plus a further 7,337 servants but many Israelites remained, unwilling to leave their property.
King Solomon 44
Nehemiah the king’s head waiter left Babylon, and started to rebuild the walls in Jerusalem.
King Solomon 45
520 years before Christ, at the urging of the prophets Haggai and Zechariah …

King Solomon 46
Zerubbabel started to rebuild the temple. It was completed five years later, on March 12th 515 B.C. …
King Solomon 47
and Ezra became the priest.
King Solomon 48
36 years later in the year 479 B.C. the Jewess Esther, became Queen of Persia.

King Solomon 49
It was around this time that Malachi, the last book of the Old Testament was written.
King Solomon 51
The Temple was in a continual state of disrepair …
King Solomon 52
and the Persian Empire was eventually conquered by the Greeks …

King Solomon 54
Eventually the Romans conquered the Greeks and 63 years before the Messiah …
King Solomon 56
The whole land of Israel became part of the Roman Empire, just as Daniel had prophesied.
King Solomon 58
The next prophet of Israel was John the Baptist. His message was: “Prepare the way for the Lord.” Jesus had arrived. The Old Testament was over and the New Testament had begun.

Ten minute guide to the Old Testament: Part 2
Part 2 of an overview of the Old Testament - King Solomon to John the Baptist.
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