Thursday, July 20, 2017

Treasures of the Bible (Divided Kingdom)

Bible 0
Elijah fed by the ravens I Kings 17:6
Bible 1
Elijah fed by the ravens I Kings 17:6
Bible 2
Elijah raises the widow's son I Kings 17:17-24

Bible 3
Elijah kills the prophets of Baal I Kings 18:40
Bible 4
God speaks to Elijah I Kings 19:13
Bible 5
King Ahab is killed I Kings 22:34

Bible 6
Elijah is taken up to heaven in a chariot II Kings 2:11
Bible 7
Elisha witnesses Elijah being taken to heaven II Kings 2:11-13
Bible 8
Naaman comes to see Elisha II Kings 5:9-11

Bible 9
Elisha makes an ax head float II KIngs 6:5-7
Bible 10
Zechariah stoned II Chronicles 24:20-21
Bible 11
Jehoash defeats the Syrian army II KIngs 13:25

Bible 12
Jonah under the vine Jonah 4:6
Bible 13
Ahaz removes the bronze sea from the oxen II Kings 16:17
Bible 14
Hezikiah removes the bronze serpent II Kings 18:4

Bible 15
Isaiah's lips are touched with a living coal Isaiah 6:5-7
Bible 16
The visions of Isaiah The Book of Isaiah
Bible 17
Joash Raises Money to Repair the Temple II Chronicles 24:8-14

Treasures of the Bible (Divided Kingdom)

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