Friday, July 21, 2017

Treasures of the Bible (The Early Church)

Bible 0
The Apostles Baptized with the Holy Spirit Acts 2:1-4
Bible 1
Peter and John Heal a Lame Man Acts 3:1-11
Bible 2
The Death of Ananias Acts 5:1-5

Bible 3
The Stoning of Stephen Acts 7:54-60
Bible 4
The Sanhedrin Council Acts 4:5-22
Bible 5
Saul Visited by Jesus on the Road to Damascus Acts 9:1-9

Bible 6
Peters Sees a Vision of a Sheet Full of Animals Acts 10:9-16
Bible 7
Antioch of Syria Acts 11:19-22
Bible 8
Peter Released from Prison by an Angel Acts 12:7-11

Bible 9
Sailing the Mediterranean by Ship Acts 13:4
Bible 10
Paul Preached to the People Acts 14:21
Bible 11
Demetrius the Silversmith Stirs up a Riot Acts 19:24-29

Bible 12
Paul Arrested During a Riot in Jerusalem Acts 21:31-36
Bible 13
Paul Shipwrecked in a Storm Acts 27:41-44
Bible 14
Paul Arrives in Rome in Chains Acts 28:15-16

Bible 15
Reading Paul's Letter Colossians 4:16
Bible 16
The Apostle Paul II Timothy 4:6-13
Bible 17
Destruction of the Temple Matthew 24:1-2

Treasures of the Bible (The Early Church)

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