Friday, July 21, 2017

Treasures of the Bible (Jesus' Childhood)

Bible 0
Mary Visited by the angel Gabriel Luke 1:26-38
Bible 1
Zacharias Writes that His Son's Name Was John Luke 1:60-63
Bible 2
Angels Appear to Shepherds Announcing the Savior's Birth Luke 2:8-14

Bible 3
Jesus is Seen by Simeon Luke 2:25-35
Bible 4
Wise Men Visiting Jesus as an Infant Matthew 2:9-11
Bible 5
The Wise Men Visit the Child Jesus Matthew 2:10-11

Bible 6
Joseph and Mary's Flight into Egypt Matthew 2:13-15
Bible 7
Herod Orders Infant Children Killed Matthew 2:16-18

Bible 8
John Baptizing in the River Jordan Mark 1:4-5
Bible 9
Jesus Grows Up Luke 2:51-52

Treasures of the Bible (Jesus' Childhood)

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