Thursday, July 20, 2017

Treasures of the Bible (United Kingdom)

Bible 0
Saul Destroys Nashan the Ammonite's Army I Samuel 11:1-11
Bible 1
Saul tears Samuel's Robe I Samuel 15:26-29
Bible 2
Samuel Anoints David I Samuel 16:11-13

Bible 3
David Soothes Saul I Samuel 16:23
Bible 4
David Slays Goliath I Samuel 17:51
Bible 5
Saul Attempts to Kill David I Samuel 18:10-11

Bible 6
Jonathan Comforts David I Samuel 20:1-17
Bible 7
Saul Enters a Cave During Search for David I Samuel 24:3
Bible 8
David Refuses to Kill Saul I Samuel 26:7-12

Bible 9
Abigail Pleads for Her Husband's Life I Samuel 25:14-35
Bible 10
Saul Sees Samuel While Visiting the Witch at En Dor I Samuel 28:7-20
Bible 11
Saul Falls on His Sword I Samuel 31:4-5

Bible 12
David Anointed King in Hebron II Samuel 2:3-4
Bible 13
David Celebrates Before the Ark II Samuel 6:2-5
Bible 14
The Death of David and Bathsheba's Son II Samuel 12:15-23

Bible 15
David Forgives Absolam II Samuel 14:33
Bible 16
Shimei Throws Stones at David II Samuel 16:5-13
Bible 17
Rizpah Defending the Bodies of Saul's Sons II Samuel 21:8-11

Bible 18
David Orders Israel Numbered II Samuel 24:1-4; I Chronicles 21:1-4
Bible 19
David Sees God's Angel Killing His People I Samuel 24:17; I Chronicles 21:17
Bible 20
David Prays for Mercy II Samuel 24:18-25; I Chronicles 21:18-30

Bible 21
Solomon Crowned King I Kings 1:38-40
Bible 22
Solomon's Wisdom I Kings 3:16-28
Bible 23
Peace During Solomon's Reign I Kings 4:24-25

Bible 24
The Furnishings from the Tabernacle I Kings 8:4
Bible 25
The Ark of the Covenant Brought into the Temple I Kings 8:3-6
Bible 26
Solomon Dedicates the Temple I Kings 8:22-53

Bible 27
The Queen of Sheba Comes to See Solomon's Wisdom I Kings 10:1-10
Bible 28
Kings Bring Gifts to Solomon I Kings 10:24-25

Treasures of the Bible (United Kingdom)

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