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Two disciples on road to Emmaus

Bible 1
On the third day after Jesus was crucified and put in the tomb, two of His disciples were walking along a road out of Jerusalem. One of them was Cleopas.
Bible 2
Jesus opened their minds so they could understand from the scriptures that it had been written He would suffer and die then rise from the dead. He told them they would tell others this good news and urge people to turn to God and be forgiven In the name of Jesus. Then Jesus disappeared from their sight once more.
Bible 3
They were talking about the events that led to Jesus being put on a cross to die. As they talked, a man came up and walked alongside them. It was Jesus but they were kept from recognising Him.

Bible 4
The stranger asked, “What are you talking about?’ They stopped and stood still, looking sad. Cleopas asked, ‘Are you the only person in Jerusalem who does not know what has happened?’
Bible 5
‘What things?’ asked the stranger.
Bible 6
‘Jesus of Nazareth was handed over by the Chief Priests to be sentenced to death and they crucified Him,’ the disciples explained. ‘We hoped he would save us.’

Bible 7
‘But then, this morning when some of our women went to the tomb,it was empty. His body was missing! Some of our friends went to the tomb to see what had happened and it was definitely empty.’
Bible 8
‘How foolish you are not to believe what the prophets said would happen many years ago. They told us the Saviour (Messiah) would have to suffer before rising to glory.’
Bible 9
Then the stranger explained how first Moses then other prophets had written down that the Saviour of the world would die and rise from the dead.

Bible 10
As they approached Emmaus the stranger looked as if He was travelling on further. They invited Him to stay with them and He agreed.
Bible 11
As they ate together, the stranger took the bread, broke it and gave it to them. Immediately God allowed the two disciples to see who the stranger was. Jesus!
Bible 12
At that moment Jesus disappeared from their sight. ‘Weren’t our hearts warmed as He spoke to us and explained what is written about the Saviour?’ they exclaimed.

Bible 13
They got up and rushed back to Jerusalem at once.
Bible 14
They found the other disciples and excitedly told them what had happened. The room they were in was locked.
Bible 15
Suddenly Jesus appeared and stood among them. ‘Peace be with you,’ He said. Everyone was frightened, thinking they were seeing a ghost.

Bible 16
‘Why are you afraid and in doubt?’ asked Jesus. ‘Look at my hands and feet. It’s me. Touch me and see. A ghost does not have flesh and bones as I have.’
Bible 17
The disciples were full of joy and amazement but could still not really believe Jesus was alive. ‘Do you have something I can eat?” Jesus asked. They gave Him some broiled fish and Jesus ate it as they watched.

Two disciples on road to Emmaus
Jesus appears to two disciples as they travel on the road to Emmaus, then He appears to the disciples in a locked room.
Luke 24:13-49

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