Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Bible 1
Zacchaeus had lots of money but he was not a nice man. His job was to collect and change money but he took too much.
Bible 2
When he took money from people he took some money for himself. He was not kind. Nobody liked Zacchaeus.
Bible 3
When Jesus was coming to town, everyone went to see Him. Zacchaeus was very small. No one would let him see Jesus.

Bible 4
He quickly ran ahead and climbed up a tree. He waited for Jesus to go past. Now he could see Jesus.
Bible 5
Jesus stopped under the tree He looked up. ‘Zacchaeus come down,’ said Jesus, ‘I am coming to your house today.’

Bible 6
People said, ‘Doesn’t Jesus know that Zacchaeus is a bad man?’ ‘Do what is good and right, Zacchaeus,’ Jesus said. Zacchaeus listened.
Bible 7
He was sorry he had taken people’s money. He paid it all back. ‘I love Jesus,’ said Zacchaeus. ‘Now I will do what is good and right.’

Zacchaeus the cheating tax collector meets Jesus and changes his attitude to greed.
Luke 19:1-10

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