Thursday, July 27, 2017

Zacharias can't talk

Bible 1
This is a story, found in the Bible, of how Jesus' cousin, John the Baptist, was born. (Note that Zacharias is spelt as Zechariah is some versions of the Bible).
Bible 2
Zacharias was a good man. He loved to pray as he helped in the temple at Jerusalem, but he was sad because he had no children.
Bible 3
One day, while he was busy in the temple, the angel Gabriel suddenly appeared in front of him, with a message from God.

Bible 4
‘You and your wife Elisabeth will soon have a baby boy. ‘You must call him John,’ said the angel.
‘This can’t be true,’ said Zacharias.
Bible 5
We are too old to have a child.’
‘To show that God sent me,’ said the angel, ‘You will not be able to talk until the baby is named John.’
Bible 6
When Elisabeth was six months pregnant her cousin Mary came to visit her. As Mary called out, Elisabeth’s baby, in her tummy, was so happy he began to jump.

Bible 7
And, just as the angel had said, Zacharias could not talk until after his baby was born. When he wrote, ‘His name is John,’ Zacharias could suddenly speak again.
Bible 8
Baby John grew up to tell everyone to get ready for the coming of God’s Son, Jesus, as the Saviour of the world.

Zacharias can't talk
Zacharias is lost for words when an angels tells him he is to have a son.
Luke 1:5-64

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