Saturday, August 5, 2017

Elisha and the army of fire - part 2

Bible 2
But God’s unseen army was there too to protect Elisha – a powerful army of fire.
Bible 3
God had revealed His army of fire to Elisha and his servant. It was invisible to everyone else.
Bible 4
As the Syrian army marched towards Elisha’s house, the prophet calmly prayed to the one true God. ‘Lord, make these Syrian soldiers lose their sight.’

Bible 5
Suddenly the whole Syrian army became blind. They fumbled around, bumping and barging into each other.
Bible 6
They tripped, stumbled and dropped their weapons. ‘Where is the prophet’s house?’ they asked. ‘Where did Elisha go?’
Bible 7
‘This way! This way!’ Elisha shouted. ‘I know who you are looking for and I will lead you to him.

Bible 8
He walked down to road towards the city of Samaria with the Syrian army stumbling along behind him. It was a long journey and a very strange sight.
Bible 9
The Israelites in Samaria, where the King of Israel lived, were amazed to see the Syrian army being led into their city by Elisha.
Bible 10
Elisha walked through the city gates and then prayed. ‘Lord, please open their eyes so they can see again.’

Bible 11
At once the enemy soldiers could see and they stared around in amazement.
Bible 12
Then they saw where they were! ‘Help! We are in the city of Samaria, surrounded by Israelites, and we have no weapons.’
Bible 13
The King of Israel was excited. He had the enemy soldiers just where he wanted them. ‘Shall I kill them?’ he asked Elisha.

Bible 14
‘No,’ Elisha insisted. ‘You didn’t capture them. You didn’t have to fight them.’‘What shall I do with them then?’ the King asked.
Bible 15
‘Feed them,’ said Elisha. ‘Give them food and drink and show them kindness and mercy. Then send them home.’
Bible 16
So the King of Israel ordered that all the food in the city be made available to the enemy soldiers.

Bible 17
When the soldiers had eaten and were full they were told they could leave. They left at once and never came back.
Bible 18
Elisha did what Jesus tells Christians: do good to your enemies, be kind to those who mistreat you and show love to those who hate you.

Elisha and the army of fire - part 2
When God delivers the Syrian army into the control of Elisha by making them blind, the prophet shows mercy.
2 Kings 6:18-23

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