Friday, August 11, 2017

Esther – The Chosen Bride

Esther – The Chosen Bride
The Chosen Bride: a bible story for kids and parents

Long ago in the kingdom of Persia there lived a rich and mighty king named Ahasuerus. His kingdom was so big that it stretched from India all the way to Ethiopia. Ahasuerus was the greatest king in the world. Since the king was so powerful, he could do whatever he pleased. In the third year of his reign, he held a party at his palace in Shushan, the capital city. He invited the princes and leaders of Persia to join him. The princes were excited! They had heard all about the king’s wonderful parties. They jumped on horses and raced to Shushan to eat and drink with the king. The king wanted to show everyone his great wealth. He gave the princes delicious food to eat, the best places to sleep, and the most fun they had ever had. The musicians played their instruments, and everyone sang and danced and drank from cups covered in precious jewels.Little did he know that one day a Hebrew girl named Esther would become his bride..

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