Thursday, August 17, 2017

Good image Bible 1

Ga 1,19-28Ga 1,45-51Ga 1,47-51

Ga 3,13-17Ga 3,16-21Ga 3,22-30

Ga 8,21-30Ga 8,31-42Ga 11,19-27

Ga 14,1-6Ga 14,6-14Ga 14,27-31a

Ga 15,9-17ga 15,26-16,4aGa 16,12-15

Ga 16,16-20Ga 16,23b-28Ga 16,29-33

Ga 17,1-11aGa 20,11-18Ga 20,19-23

Ga 21,1-19Ga 21,20-25Lc 12, 8-12

Lc 1,5-25Lc 1,39-45Lc 1,57-66.80

Lc 2,16-21Lc 2,22-35Lc 2,36-40

Lc 4,14-22aLc 4,16-30Lc 4,38-44

Lc 5, 33-39Lc 5,1-11Lc 5,27-32

Lc 6, 39-42Lc 6,6-11Lc 6,12-19

Lc 6,20-26Lc 6,27-38Lc 6,43-49

Lc 7,1-10Lc 7,1-10Lc 7,11-17

Lc 7,19-23Lc 7,31-35Who wants to come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me.  (Mk 8.34)

Mt 8, 28-34Lc 9,22-25

Good image Bible 1

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