Saturday, August 5, 2017

Jesus is alive - part 1

Bible 1
This is one of the most amazing stories in the world – and it is found in the Bible.
Bible 2
Very early on Sunday morning, three days after Jesus died on the cross, Two of His friends, both called Mary, went to the tomb.

Bible 4
They had seen where Jesus had been put in a tomb, like a cave, and they knew where it was.
Bible 5
But how could they move the big, heavy stone the soldiers had put over the door?
Bible 6
They got a surprise when they got there. The stone had been rolled away and the soldiers had all gone!

Bible 7
They went inside and saw an angel! But where was Jesus? ‘Don't be frightened,’ said the angel.
Bible 8
‘Jesus isn’t here. He is alive! Go and tell everyone the wonderful news.’ The happy women ran off to share the good news that Jesus is alive.

Jesus is alive - part 1
Women arriving at the tomb of Jesus are surprised to see the entrance stone rolled back.
Mark 16:1-8

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