Sunday, August 13, 2017

Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld (Genesis)

Day 1: Creation of Light . Gen. 1: 3.Day 2: waters from the waters of separation. Creation of Heaven . Gen. 1: 6.3rd day: He created the dry land, the seas and plants. Genesis 1: 9-13.Day 4: Creation of the Sun and the Moon . Separation between day and night. Gen: 1:14.Day 5: Creation of marine life and birds of the air. Gen. 1:24.Day 6: Creation of land animals and man and woman, with image and likeness of Him. Gen. 1:27.Day 7 God bless, rest and sanctify the seventh day.The original sin . Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit , tempted by Satan . Gen. 3: 6.Adam and Eve heard the voice of God and hide in the trees of the forest. Gen. 3: 8.Adam and Eve are expelled from paradise . Gen. 3:23.Adam and Eve and their children Cain and Abel . Gen. 4: 1-2.Sacrifices of Cain and Abel. God is not pleased with the sacrifice of Cain. Gen. 4: 3-5.Cain kills Abel. Genesis 4: 8.The earth was filled with violence and asks God to Noah Build a Arca . Genesis 6: 13-14.Flood . It rains for 40 days and 40 nights. Genesis 7: 11-12.Noah, his family and the animals descend from the ship under the command of God. Genesis 8: 15-19.Noah makes a sacrifice to God and God is the covenant of the Rainbow with Noah Gen . 9: 12-17.Noah cursed his son Canaan . Genesis 9: 24-27.God confused the language of the people because of the Tower of Babel . Genesis 11: 5-9.Abraham , Sarah and Lot going to the land God promised to Abraham (Canaan). Genesis 12: 4-5.Strife between the herdsmen of Abram and the herdsmen of Lot Gen. 13: 5-9.God promises the Promised Land to the descendants of Abraham. Genesis 13: 14-18.3 Celestial beings appear to Abraham and Sarah his wife to advertise children. Genesis 18: 9-15.God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and Lot's wife is turned into a pillar of salt. Genesis 19: 24-26.Abraham taking leave of Hagar and her son, for mocking her son Isaac . Gen. 21:14.Angel preventing Isaac's Sacrifice, providing a lamb instead. Genesis 22: 11-14.Rebecca offers water to Abraham's servant. Genesis 24: 10-28.Meeting of Isaac and Rebekah. Genesis 24: 62-67.Jacob deceives his father Isaac and receive the blessing instead of Esau . Genesis 27: 30-40.Jacob has the vision of the ladder going up to the sky and on top this God. Gen. 28: 10-15Jacob finds Rachel daughter of Laban his uncle. Genesis 29: 9-14Jacob combines with Laban to work for his daughter Rachel. Genesis 29: 15-30.Jacob out of the land of his uncle Laban, without warns him because he had a vision of God guiding the return to his kindred. Genesis 31: 17-24.Jacob wrestles with an angel to be blessed and the angel changes his name to Israel and blesses. Genesis 32: 24-32.Reunion Jacob and Esau Esau forgive Jacob Gen. 33: 1-4.Joseph , favorite son of Jacob is sold by his brothers to traders who went to Egypt . Genesis 37: 23-30.The wife of Mr. Joseph, asks him to lie down with her bad José foge from sin. Genesis 39: 7-12.Joseph reveals the dreams of Pharaoh . Genesis 41: 17-32.Pharaoh as Joseph ruler over all of Egypt. Genesis 41: 46-57.Joseph reveals himself to his brothers in Egypt. Genesis 45: 1-15.Joseph finds his father Jacob. Gen. 46:29.

Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld (Genesis)

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