Sunday, August 6, 2017

One hundred sheep

Bible 1
In the Bible we find a story that tells us about God’s great love and care for us.
Bible 2
Jesus told a story about a shepherd who had one hundred sheep. He loved his sheep and he kept them safe.
Bible 3
Every day the farmer took his sheep to find new grass to eat. One day, one little lamb went off all by himself.

Bible 4
That night the shepherd counted all of his sheep. There were only ninety nine! One lamb was lost!
Bible 5
The shepherd left his ninety nine sheep and went to find the lamb. He loved his little lamb, just like Jesus loves you!
Bible 6
The shepherd walked a long way, uphill and downhill, looking for the little lamb that was lost.

Bible 7
The lamb was lonely and frightened. ‘Baa, baaa,’ he cried. He was sorry he hadn’t stayed close to the shepherd, where he would be safe.
Bible 8
The shepherd heard the little lamb. ‘I’m so glad I found you!’ he said. ‘You are my precious lamb.’ Jesus feels like that about you too!

One hundred sheep
A caring shepherd searches for one of his sheep that is lost.
Matthew 8:11-14

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