Saturday, August 5, 2017

Paul and the snake

Bible 1
The boat taking the prisoner, Paul, to Rome was shipwrecked. Everyone got safely to shore through the stormy seas and heavy rain.
Bible 2
They found wood to make a fire to warm and dry themselves. Paul helped gather sticks too, in the pouring rain.
Bible 3
He didn’t see a poisonous snake, called a viper, hiding in the sticks. The poisonous snake bit Paul on his hand and hung on tight.

Bible 4
Paul shook the snake into the fire and prayed that God would protect him from the poisonous snake venom that would kill him.
Bible 5
Everybody waited for Paul to die. They thought that God must be angry with him and had made a storm and sent a snake to kill him.

Bible 6
When Paul didn’t die from the poisonous snake bite, the people decided that Paul must surely be a god himself!
Bible 7
‘I am just a man like you,’ he said. ‘I believe the one, true, living God sent His son Jesus, to save me. God alone has kept me safe.

Paul and the snake
God protects Paul when he is bitten by a poisonous snake.
Acts 28:1-10

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