Sunday, August 6, 2017

Two blind men

Bible 1
This miracle was seen by one of Jesus’ friends called Matthew. He wrote about it in his book that is in the Bible.
Bible 2
Two men were blind and could not see at all. They sat beside the road waiting for people to pass by.
Bible 3
They could not go to work to buy food. ‘Money for the blind,’ they called out, whenever they heard people coming.

Bible 4
When Jesus and His friends came past, the two men called for Jesus to help them. Jesus’ helpers told them to be quiet!
Bible 5
But Jesus cared about the two blind men. He told his helpers to bring the two blind men to Him. ‘What do you want me to do for you?’ Jesus asked them.
Bible 6
The two friends had only one thing they wanted Jesus to do for them. ‘Jesus we want to see!’ they said.

Bible 7
Jesus touched their eyes. Straight away they could see! The very first person they saw was Jesus!
Bible 8
Then the two men got up, praised God and began to follow Jesus.

Two blind men
Jesus heals two men who are blind.
Matthew 20:30-34

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