Saturday, August 5, 2017

Washing feet

Bible 1
This is a story written in the Bible by one of Jesus’ helpers called John. He saw everything that happened.
Bible 2
Jesus and His helpers had a special meal together. Then Jesus wanted to teach them that a leader looks after others.
Bible 3
He got a bowl of water and a towel. ‘I am going to wash your feet,’ Jesus said. His friends were surprised.

Bible 4
Jesus knelt down and began to gently wash their dirty feet and dry them on a towel.
Bible 5
Peter was upset. ‘Why are you doing a servant’s job? You are our important leader!’ he said.
Bible 6
But Jesus was showing them that a good leader isn’t too important to do anything for other people.

Bible 7
It was Peter’s turn. You will never wash my dirty feet,’ said Peter.
‘But I am being your true friend,’ said Jesus.
Bible 8
‘Then wash my face and hands as well! I want to learn how to look after other people, the way you do,’ said Peter.

Washing feet
Jesus takes on the role of a servant and washes His disciples feet.
John 13:1-9

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